Radical History Club


Thank you for choosing to support Radical History Club during these uncertain times. This pandemic has revealed what many organizers have deemed an emergency for many generations -- governments that value markets over people, a healthcare system that values profits over wholeness, and corporations that value personal wealth over a safety net for their workers. 

But it is our legacy of fighting against the status quo that gives us hope. As we contemplate a return to normalcy, we have the power to shape what the new "normal" becomes. By reading about past narratives of resistance and strength in the face of a broken system, you are gaining knowledge of what is required of us at this moment. Let a new class of ancestors guide us to liberation, so that we can advance towards the world they/we collectively envision.

Here are a few policies recently put in place:

  • Please allow 1 week for orders to be processed, and 5-7 days for shipping.
  • Starting on July 4, orders will be priced on a sliding scale.