Radical History Club

Issue 004


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Housing: How We Built a Foundation for White Supremacy and the Fight for Housing as a Human Right

Where we live determines the education we receive, how we’re policed and our access to stability across generations. Through real estate contracts, government laws, predatory practices, NIMBY’s and more, housing has been intentionally designed to cultivate white supremacist culture and power. People of color, especially Black women, have withstood the dehumanizing process of evictions and patronizing demands for personal responsibility. Their resistance calls us to fight for housing as a human right and to end white domination over where Black, Indigenous and nonwhite bodies gather and live.

Each issue comes with a scannable ticket to listen to the brand new song "Redlines" by San Diego hip-hop artist and The Holyfield CEO Real J. Wallace.

- Risograph cover
- 5.5" x 8.5" hand saddle-stitched zine
- French Paper Pop-Tone 70lb text interior pages
- Includes 1.25" matte badge button and listening ticket of Real J. Wallace's new song "Redlines"


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